Feature-Idea: PicDump-Friendly Scrolling

  • This is my first post in here, so: [b]HI EVERYONE![/b] I'm an old user of Opera9 and for newer contents (if necessary) 12.17 and I'm happy to see this project. I'm using a pretty old WinXP Prof. x64, so I don't know if any "bug-reports" from my side even count. 🙂 I've found 2 Bugs so far, but I haven't updated to the latest version and will only report them in seperate threads if they still exist in it. One is that playing html5-youtube-music in background-tab gets micro-interruptions while scrolling in another tab. The other is that scrolling with my laptop's touchpad virtual mousewheel scrolls for more than one page (it skips a large area depending on thee site's size). But I have to admit: I like the highspeed-nonsmoothed-scrolling. 🙂 But now here comes he majour part of my post: Do you know the jkl-feature of 9gag? Sometimes I love watching picdumps... and it gets messy while scrolling. E.g. the screen hight is enough for 2 pictures and you usually have one picture centered, so that the lower part of the 1st and the upper part of the 2nd is visible. By scrolling down you usually don't scroll so that you can view the next picture properly. Maybe it's possible to make scrolling in these situations more comfortable: Like: If a website mainly consists of a centered list of large enough images { __on magic-scroll-key { ____if last-image-partially-visible != current-centered-image { ______scroll dowwn so that the upper bordder of this image is 10px unter the upper vivaldi-window-border ____} ____else if last-image-partially-visible == current-centered-image { ______scroll down to view next part of current image ____} __} }


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