'Load image from cache' setting has no effect

  • Currently on 1.14.1077.3 on windows. Toggling 'Load Images From Cache' still loads all images.

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    How did you check it?
    If you have set 'Load image from cache' in Statusbar image setting for the page, all is fetched from mem cache.

    In Developer Tools you can inspect the Network.
    You will see in Size column the information (from memory cache) and if you inspect a image request, select tab Headers you will see header Status Code:200 OK (from memory cache).
    That proves that mem cache is used.

  • @gwen-dragon I reloaded the page and saw bunches of "(from memory cache)" image loads, which is great. I think what confused me is that the setting's meaning has changed.

    It used to mean "only show images if they've been cached", whereas it now means "show cached version if available, otherwise request the image."

    My use case was for soundcloud, where I want the images in the player's controls, but don't want to load the thousands of user avatars.

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