Videos going weird in full screen

  • I've been having this problem for a short while where if I fullscreen a video (any video) it will not quite go into full screen, although the browser likes to think it is. It will still show all the borders and the tabs. To fully go into full screen I have to click another tab and then click back.

    If I don't do this, and just let it stay in "full screen", when I'm done with the video or for some reason decide to go out of full screen the browser stays in fullscreen mode which is a bother for me because of quite a few small and trivial reasons. Like the fact that it tends to want to move around when I'm switching between virtual desktops and when I choose to manually get it out of fullscreen mode it will just pick the desktop on its left hand side, wether that's the desktop it was at or not. Another trivial bother is that I can't go directly from the browser to the desktop like I'm very much used to, as there is no desktop behind it.

    Although I have been experiencing this problem since a couple of patches ago, I wanted to wait and see if it'd been caught and would be fixed in a near patch. When it didn't, I decided to contribute to the community, and report this bug.

    Yours truly, Iceland.

    PS: the picture below shows a video, that's not fully in full screen. Mind you, this doesn't always happen.
    0_1516802451484_Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 13.58.55.png

  • @iceland Can't reproduce, fullscreen works for me. Report bugs here:

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