Images dissapear from websites

  • Hello. I'm suffering this bug since months ago (I've already reported it). I'm using 64bit Vivaldi on Win 10 Home 64bit. (4690k-32GB RAM-RX480 with Adrenalin 17.12.1).
    The bug works this way: I enter twitter or Facebook and after some time browsing, images start to blink and then they just dissappear in that specific tab and I have to close it, if I browse from that bugged tab I can't see images in any site.
    I tried doing a clean install once I reinstalled windows a couple of weeks ago. Vivaldi was running without extensions whatsoever and I thought the problem was solved but it started again, so I reinstalled them.
    Honestly, I don't know what's going on.

    alt text
    alt text

  • Let me guess: you’re typing the accented letter í when things go awry.

    In my keyboard layout I have AltGr+i (the right-hand Alt key plus the lower-case letter i) mapped to type î.
    When I press that combination, the images “disappear”; actually it activates a “Toggle images: Never” command (you can see the corresponding icon in the status bar change).

    The workaround is to press AltGr+i again.

    (Latest 64-bit stable-channel Vivaldi on Windows 10 Pro.)

    PS: Maybe a related bug is that the ALT+I shortcut doesn’t explicitly appear in vivaldi://settings/keyboard/.
    Later edit: Nevermind, it’s there in Settings > Keyboard > Tab > Load images as CTRL+ALT+I which is functionally identical, so the fix is to remove it from there.
    Note to the devs: As a wise man once said: “Ctrl+Alt shouldn’t be used as a shortcut modifier“.

  • THANK YOU!!!! Solved!!!


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