Gnome 3.26 Can't Launch Vivaldi Snapshot

  • Hello I need help with an issue with Vivaldi snapshot version 1.14.1077.3-1 and when ever I add the browser to the dock it won't launch. Currently on Gnome shell version 3.26.2. It will launch from the overview menu but not from the favourites dock. I managed also to take the browser out of the /usr/share/applications folder to place it on the desktop, and it launched but gave a weird question, it asked me to "trust this application" .
    But regardless of that the stable version does launch from the favourites dock and this is verified in Ubuntu 17.10 and Manjaro 17. So I don't think it's distro related.
    Won't launch from terminal either, so I can't give you a readout of what is going on behind the scenes.

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    Cant confirm on:

    • Debian 8 KDE
    • Debian 9 GNOME 3.22.22

    Can confirm on:

    • Ubuntu 17.10

    Must be a GNOME 3.26 issue.

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    Reported bug as : VB-36741 "[Linux] Pinned icon (GNOME favorites) does not start Vivaldi Snapshot"

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    Internally a fix was done, may be fixed in next public Snapshot.

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    i still can launch vivaldi snap only from terminal in fedora 27 (gnome 3.26)...hope this issue will be fixed before the stable :)

  • I confirm the problem is present on Vivaldi v1.14.1077.41 Gnome 3.26.2

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    @serzh-shakur said in Gnome 3.26 Can't Launch Vivaldi Snapshot:

    present on Vivaldi v1.14.1077.41 Gnome 3.26.2

    Update your Vivaldi, please.

    Works for me on Ubuntu 7.10 GNOME 3.26 with 1.14.1077.45 Stable and 1.15.1094.3 Snapshot.
    Try to remove and re-add the icon on panel. Or uninstall Vivaldi and install once more.
    That helped me with Ubuntu 16 some days ago.

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    i have fedora 27 with gnome 3.26.2 too and vivaldi is perfectly working...try to do a clean vivaldi installation...

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