Video Does Not Load on

  • After navigating to a broadcaster's page on (requires account to see current live broadcasts), video does not load (also no audio). Video loads without issues in both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Vivaldi version: 1.13.1008.44 (64-bit)

  • I was on that page today too (Lirik stream? :D) and it worked fine but I'm using the latest snapshot.

  • @acefool This might happen due to a false browser sniffing behaviour from the server you're trying to access.
    This can maybe be bypassed by using an user agent changer on that site.

    Go to the chrome webstore and install a user agent switcher extension (see link below) revisit the site --> click on the extension icon --> select another browser as which Vivaldi should cloak itself --> reload the page --> should work now in case browser sniffing is the problem.

    If this does solve your problem check back to this video site after the next update of vivaldi with the switcher disabled and have a look if it works now without the extension. agent switcher?hl=en-US

    If this doesn't work maybe there is a problem involving security software (there were a bunch of problems which were similar to yours). So in case of no success please post your security software installed (adblocker, antivirus, firewall, etc).


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