Reasons to refresh your profile --

  • I encountered an issue today on latest snapshot build. Suddenly I couldn't install any chrome extensions from the store and I found no way to fix this. Moreover extensions already installed didn't update anymore. The store threw an error telling me that image decoding failed. Whatever that means, I tried with a fresh profile and there it worked, so I switched to it. To my surprise the sync icon in tab bar appeared on this profile, additionally to the one I have in the status bar. It's not the same one, but rather an extra icon for synced tabs. I didn't have this before, my old profile must have somehow blocked it.

    I didn't do a refresh of my profile in over a year, but I'd argue it's needed from time to time. Nowadays it's easier than back then, since much of the data is being synced automatically. So yeah, if you haven't refreshed your profile in a very long time, it might be time to give it a try. You can always switch back to your old one, if you see no changes and made a backup beforehand. I wouldn't pull any files/data from your original profile though, that's probably counterproductive.

  • @luetage said in Reasons to refresh your profile --:

    I wouldn't pull any files/data from your original profile though

    I was with you up until this point. There's no way most users are going to willingly throw away their Notes, Bookmarks [possibly] Custom Dictionary, Sessions, [possibly] Current Tabs & Session, [possibly] Favicons, [possibly] History... I assume that you were not meaning these types of files/data... Retaining these is the opposite of counterproductive, so long as Users test carefully on their restoration.

  • @steffie You understood me correctly, that's exactly what I mean. But you forget that most of the data types you mentioned are being synced nowadays. This means a fresh profile just pulls them from server.

  • @luetage Exactly. Sorry to have been pedantic, but i hoped to clarify it for noobs.


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