Forum bookmarks?

  • I seem to have forgotten how to access all my previously created forum bookmarks... or else the feature has gone again. Doing Search was unhelpful; >90 pages of hits, & i suspect that 99.5% of those would be for the browser itself.

    Can someone pls kindly jog my memory?

    A fix for this is in the forum extension, but Vivaldi should really fix this for everyone. On Opera Forums it's working.

  • @luetage said in Forum bookmarks?:

    A fix for this is in the forum extension

    Ta, but i do use your wonderful extension, ever since you gifted us with it. I must be especially dim today, coz i still can't see my bookmarks. I know how to make them, & have been doing lots of that for months, but for at least the past many days, i've forgotten how to now access them.

    Also, the old link seems no good now:


  • The link is in your profile dropdown.

    0_1516685853580_Screenshot 2018-01-23 06.36.49.png

  • @luetage Yes, i know that, & that is what i clicked, which lead to what i posted above in my pic in

  • Then you aren't using the forum extension. Replace favorites with bookmarks, like explained by @Gwen-Dragon in the link I provided above, then the bookmarks will appear. The extension just automates this. Alternatively you can bookmark your bookmarks site --

    edit: if you really have the extension it got probably disabled because of the update I pushed -- it needs downloads permissions which you first have to accept. You can go to your extensions site to reenable it. Information here:

  • @luetage Thanks & damnit :-) I was incensed when you said i'm not using it, so i went to Extensions to take a pic & defiantly show you, only to choke on my words when i saw this:


    I had no idea that it had stopped working - gahhhhhhh. With it re-enabled, of course it all works well again thus my Bookmarked Posts have returned. It begs the question though... do i need to regularly check that it has not become disabled again [logically, given today's exasperating waste of time, answ = Yes, presumably].

  • No, you don't have to. It got disabled because of a new permission the custom theme interface needs. I hope I don't need to introduce any new permissions, but if I do I post about it in the other thread.

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