Comcast's site cpu spike

  • Site that causing a CPU spike (Vivaldi hits 45% for 1 tab, while the plug in hits 92% (Flash Player, low it 76%)

    Comcast's (site for streaming live tv) causes a big spike (different code is sent to Safari where the discrete GPU is forced on and the 2GB of GPU memory is nearly used up).

    Is there a way for Vivaldi to get the CPU usage down? Also full screen does not work on the site.

    I have contacted Comcast around August of last year but they still have not done anything, has anyone else had any luck?

  • @chas4 Seems that streaming is only for U.S. (even as a guest).
    Do you see the same problems when viewing "as a guest" or only when logged in?

  • @tbgbe It is US only and you have to have Comcast TV (they call it Xfinity for home users) (there is no Guest), I have done around 6 tickets with Comcast since August of last year and they seem to refuse to fix it. The CPU spike caused by it over time could cause Vivaldi to lock up same with every other browser.

  • @chas4 said in Comcast's site cpu spike:

    there is no Guest

    I meant the "Watch as Guest" page(s)

  • @tbgbe said in Comcast's site cpu spike:

    One I know of requires a sign in and is streaming live TV, never seen the free section before. Some of those do require you to sign in to watch.

    Noticed DRM support is broken in Vivaldi in a private window (private windows are nice for testing since there is no cache or cookies for a site).
    CPU usage; Flash is at 80% Vivaldi 30% tab 40% <- That is just from that one page (no other active tabs)

  • @chas4 Hopefully another US mac user will be able to check things.
    As there has been, and still is, work done on Mac/Video problems, are you on Stable (Vivaldi 1.13) or Snapshot (Vivaldi 1.14)?

  • @tbgbe Stable, I know Flash Player in Chromium based browsers has been bad (saw it when Opera switched to Chromium from Presto), and hardware acceleration in all Chromium based browsers is badly broken (hardware acceleration causes lag in the browser GUI & in the OS)

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