Opera-like Wand?

  • Has anyone seen a request for an Opera-like Wand in Vivaldi? I really come to rely Wand since Opera introduced it. I keep all of the information I use over and over at new sites - name, address, email address, etc. Unless Vivaldi has something as good or very similar, I will have to keep that information in a desktop scratch pad. That is somewhat cumbersome to use when going to a lot of new sites. These new sites are not sites that have been previously bookmarked, with or without passwords. Out of the hundreds of feature requests, I have not seen one for Wand, so if it has been requested, I would like to do so now.

  • Moderator

    Yes, it's been requested at least two or three times.

  • @Ayespy:

    Yes, it's been requested at least two or three times.

    You are lucky for use of "at least" here 😛 ctrl+enter, wand icon, wand password manager etc… it's almost everywhere over here 🙂

    I have to admit that I miss the "ctrl+enter" to log in whenever the username/password field is A LOT. Searching the field, click to it, search for the username, enter... it's what I call wasting of time. It takes much more time than slow loading or whatever.

    so +1 for wand icon and wand "ctrl+enter"

  • O12 wand is great. Would love it in V.


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