Regression Fixes – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.14.1077.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s Snapshot fixes a number of regressions and makes a handful of fixes for pesky issues on Mac, Reader View and more.

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  • Thank you for the context menu fixes - those were a real pain.

  • Still missing Window borders :(.
    Main window still starting fully maximized, but maximie icon is like it is not maximized.

  • Thanks for VB-36398

    I hope that could be my "big text over the buttons" report i did.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Will we see the issues of shortcuts captured by the webpages (issue introduced in 1.13) fixed in 1.14 ?
    It makes tab switching barely usable, and bunch of other features not usable at all.

    • [Regression] Default search engine’s name is displayed for nickname searching VB-36422

    confirmed working now

    • [Search Engines] Vivaldi gets frozen when the search engine is changed VB-36467

    confirmed working with keyboard (down+enter), it worked with mouse.

    too bad for the known new regression
    [Regression] Down arrow does not open address field drop down VB-36620
    to workaround I will use the mouse or just start typing part of an url to make it appear.

    • [Regression] Autofill dropdown shown with offset VB-36547

    they seem to be fixed everywhere now

    • [Address bar] Make Alt + up/down jump to next/previous address bar dropdown section VB-35998

    cool, handy 🙂

    • [Search Engines] Change keyboard shortcut for moving items from Shift to Alt+arrows VB-36423

    oh I didn't even know there was a kbd shortcut, works nice.

  • magnets still broken 😢
    they were fine until the previous snapshot..

  • Anyone else notice that ever since 1.13 scroll-style extensions like Scrollbar Anywhere or ScrollAnywhere stopped working in Vivaldi?

    Did anything change internally regarding mouse button use? It only seems to affect when using the Middle-Mouse button.
    They still seem to work fine in Chromium though, reported earlier as VB-35072. Any news on a fix?

    Edit: It seems that in this latest snapshot ScrollAnywhere is working again using middle mouse button which is fine by me. Still curious though, other buttons and Scrollbar Anywhere seem to fail entirely.

  • Please fix the address bar extensions access, IPvfoo is not working and blocking rules from ublock is also not working inside the address bar.

  • Thanks for the new build. In this snapshot and the one before the following is not working: If you have link like "nzblnk:?t=Some.File..." Vivaldi says something like "Web page not reachable" instead of opening the handler program nzbmonkey.exe. Worked fine before. Can you please check?

  • @outer-star: sorry: Happening with windows 10 1709 x64 and vivaldi 64bit version

  • Tab cycling in recent order. From last snapshot, and still valid.

    floba 3 days ago
    Since this version, CTRL-Tab does not switch between previous tabs as expected.
    Having four tabs open (A, B, C, D). When highlighting tab A and then tab B, then C, then D (with the mouse), CTRL-Tab switches back C --> ok (previously open tab). After releasing all buttons, pressing CTRL-Tab again switches to B (should be D, because it is now the previous one). Another CTRL-Tab highlights A (i.e. reverse order).
    Can anybody reproduce this? Tab cycling is in "recently used" order.

    hixaxon 8 minutes ago @floba
    @floba : I'm able to confirm this. Win 7, 64bit.
    Same behavior.
    It happened before. It is really distracting. I'm using recent order cycling all the time.
    I will really appreciate you guys fixing this bug again.

  • Starting with previous build, paste as plain text shortcut is not displayed in the context menu when right click is made in text boxew, neither it works upon triggering the shortcut in text boxes. Ctrl+Tab does not work when cursor is in text boxes too. Win 10 x64, Vivaldi x64

  • Since the last two snapshots (changed to chrome 64.x.x) I have problems with downloads.
    The button on some websites does not work (i.e. closed support area on
    I switched back to 1.14.1064.3. Please solve it before the stable version will be deployed.


    Opened bug report (VB-36653)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Hi, i have a problem when copying images, it works once in ten, it happens to others?

  • Moderator

    @enc0re said in Regression Fixes – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.14.1077.3:

    Main window still starting fully maximized, but maximie icon is like it is not maximized

    Working as expected here when maximised.

    0_1516650695990_Restore Button in Maximised Window.png

  • Vivaldi Translator

    still the linux version does not start and requires opera beta...please fix that...

  • LINUX : APT KEYs :
    When is Vivaldi going to introduce a successor to :

    Vivaldi Package Composer KEY03
    Key ID: 0xC3401E12
    Key valid until 2019-01-17
    Full ID: 6D37 89ED C340 1E12
    6BA2 B0F3 B8B0 6169 7E98 ADFA 6D37 89ED C340 1E12

    As APT KEY02 is already invalid this month (JAN 2018)?

    Vivaldi Package Composer KEY02
    Key ID: 0x7B8B44A1
    Key expired on 2018-01-03
    Full ID: 2CC2 6F77 7B8B 44A1
    ED18 652D 86E2 5D42 2EA7 CE13 2CC2 6F77 7B8B 44A1

  • Moderator

    Thanks for fixing the context menu position issue with tiled tabs. VB-36297


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