Issue: time to time previous session tabs are lost...

  • Hello all.
    I am using Vivaldi since it's early beta versions. Now the browser itself becomes better from version to version. But it has issue with previous session tabs. I have noticed, that time to time, sometimes after upgrade to newer version, but sometimes without any upgrades or changes Vivaldi completely looses my previous session opened tabs, and starts with not tabs at all. I have installed "Tabs Backup & Restore" extension, but this is just workaround and I have no idea, why Vivaldi itself sometimes can not keep tabs from previous session and drops them. However the history is ok, and I see my browsing history intact after updates. I can restore interesting tabs from history, but again I see no reason why Vivaldi can not keep my tabs opened itself. Is this bug or I do something wrong with updates or other actions? Do anybody else have same issue with loosing of previous session tabs opened?

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    @realredfox I have never seen it, but I have read a few complaints. If there is a single reason, it remains unknown. It's known that if all Vivaldi processes do not shut down before restart this will happen, but in such a case the "missing" session(s) should be available in Trash.


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