Proble with web mail access after creating account

  • Hello everybody!!
    Yesterday I installed the Vivaldi x32 browser believing that I doing all in a proper way.
    After installation I tried to set up access to a mailbox

    Unfortunately, I encountered problems logging into Webmail
    after activation, I introduced real data
    username and password which I chose.
    I received password resets to another secondary mailbox (google)
    without any success.
    The following message appears same all time after entering the data:
    The product license is not valid.
    I ask for help in solving and correct access to the profile.

  • I have exact the same problem with the x64 version.

  • Moderator

    Some user accounts have problems.
    Try webmail at

    And i pinged our other community manager Jane.N, she will help you.

  • I confirm that now I have access to webmail and using prefix-It looks that team reply and working on issue fast.Probably they fix this small error-I do believe not happen again.


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