Print Hard Copy of Vivaldi 1.14 Passwords

  • Is there anyway to print out the full password list in Vivaldi 1.14.*.. If not, is there any way to export the password list to a .csv file?

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    @dwarfstar55 Chromium, the underlying engine, has disabled this for the last 3 versions. They are working on restoring it.

    In the meantime, you can install a standalone copy of Vivaldi 1.11 in the same profile as the one you are using now (not the same folder, just the same user), copy the login data file from the 1.14 version you are using into the 1.11 version, enable the password import/export flag in 1.11, re-start 1.11, and export the passwords to a .csv file.

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    Since 1.14.1072.3 you can im-/export the passwords.

    • Open vivaldi://flags/#password-export and set Enabled
    • Open vivaldi://flags/#password-import and set Enabled
    • Restart Vivaldi
    • Open chrome://settings/passwords
    • In window near Saved Passwords you can find a 3-dots-menu icon (mouseover shows More actions)
    • Click on it and follow the shown instructions

  • @gwen-dragon works =)

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    @gwen-dragon Yay! I didn't realize it was back!!

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