Where are those aforementioned options for tweaking?

  • hello,
    I've got some queries:

    1. I wish to disable the sound in certain windows. Why am I unable to do so unless a sound is currently being played inside the window itself?

    2. I am not able to install flash player properly. I followed the instruction and so chosen windows 7, pppi flash and so on, but the flash doesn't seem to install properly. Suggestions?

    3. Some videos get loaded while others are black while I browse facebook. What's the issue? Is that the issue at 2)? Because some videos get loaded properly while others don't, instead of "NO VIDEOS GET LOADED AT ALL"

    4. Are there any interfaces from other browser that I could copy in one click ? I admit I'm not satisfied at all with vivaldi interface and I would love more to have it a la firefox. One example is the download tab. Why do I have to click on the left to open it, while I would love an icon on the top right that keeps 'flashing' until the download is completed and that when clicked automatically opens the new folder.

    5. I would love a second bar where I can insert all my preferites and automatically access them without having to open preferites

    6. Why sometimes vivaldi just seems to get stuck when loading some windows?

    7. Can you tell me why in some websites, when I click on whatever, the thing just disappears? Today it happened to me in a streaming website. Clicking 'next episode' meant the 'next episode' disappearing and being unable to click it. I could only open the next episode by opening a new window.

    8. Why if I go there: https://get.adobe.com/it/flashplayer/
      I do not get any option to disable the mcafee option?

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  • @sergio1992 I may be able to help with some issues:

    2 - You might need to enable flash on a per-site basis. If you click the icon next tot he addres in the address bar there should be an option to enable flash there.
    5 - If you mean the bookmarks bar, go to settings > bookmarks > show bookmark bar
    6 - It shouldn't, could you give more details on how to reproduce this problem? Also, do you have any 3rd party security software installed?
    7 & 8 sound like a problem with javascript - is it enabled, and do you have any extensions installed?

  • thanks

    1. Already done. Still not working.

    2. understood. Thank you

    3. I have a few third party extensions, but they are adblocks and nano defender. Nothing that should harm the loading

    4. This issue is solved. But the issue at 7) isn't.

    The issue at 😎 was due to me installing a tampermonkey script that automatically removes all add-ons asking to be installed from websites

    I got another question, given that there is no support. CAn I import the bookmarks from vivaldi to firefox?

  • @sergio1992 You should be able to import by clicking the main menu > File > Import bookmarks and settings

  • Regarding your #7 :
    Do you have "Open Popups in Tabs" disabled in Settings --> Appearance --> in section "Window Appearance"?

    And I've a question to your #1 as I don't really understand it. Do you have - lets say 3 windows open and in number 2 sound starts to play while you're on window 1 or do you have only multiple tabs open in one window and a random tab starts to play?

    For the first one there only is the option to switch the window and silence the tab or all tabs in that window.
    For the second one just hit "F2" and type mute to get all options regarding sound and muting in this window.

    Please note that this is for the english version - I am not completely sure that mute is the correct term for the italian version.
    You can look this up if it isn't working by going to Settings --> Keyboard --> open "Tabs" --> scroll down to the mute options (whatever they might be called in italy ^^)


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