Feature Request: Double tap to zoom in/out an area

  • Hi,
    Safari has a feature that also Chrome and Opera mimic on Macs: double tap with two fingers over a text to zoom automatically to that area of the website. A second double tap while the site is zoomed would bring the website back to normal. It would be awesome to include it in Vivaldi if possible :)

    Here's a demo:

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    @almarma Touch screen and touch pad support are being worked on. Since Vivaldi (unlike Chrome and Opera) does not use a UI composed of native elements (because it would heavily slow development with the small team), they must write all code negotiated through the UI (like touch) from scratch.

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    @almarma This would definitely be a nice feature to have. However, unlike three-finger taps for Lookups, a native macOS "Smart zoom" is tougher to add to Vivaldi because (as far as I know) it's not something that has already been implemented in Chrome/Chromium.

    Although it's not quite what you're looking for, Vivaldi does have a "Zoom in Double" function that you can map to a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut.

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    FYI, I've pointed out that a few folks here (including me) would love to see "Smart Zoom" added to Vivaldi... and it turns out that there is a very old open bug requesting this feature as well. Not sure when (or if) this will be implemented but I've tried to do what I can do to bring this issue to the forefront... even if it's only for a brief moment. :-)

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