Bookmark access from Android devices

  • Since I don't see a Vivaldi browser in the play store (or kindle store), I find it very frustrating to use vivaldi browser. Can I get to the bookmarks on the web in general (e.g., from like I can google bookmarks?

    Please don't say "wait for the Android release."

    I actually really like this browser and pairing.

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    @mfkyle We have neither mobile nor web access to bookmarks yet. When sync is mature, web access may also become available. First the database has to be there, and filled in for your user profile (ie, the basis of sync) before you can get web access to it.

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    @mfkyle Just Export your bookmarks from the File menu, and save the HTML file on DropBox.

  • @pesala Thank you I appreviate the response.

    I work with multiple browsers from multiple platforms simultaneously. Manual syncing to dropboc/box/... leaves me stuck if I forget to export at the end of the day.

    Mounting dropbox, etc...
    Snycing automatically to a drive that doesn't handle file locking can lead to file corruption and/or lost records which leads me to either record level locking or syncing like vivaldi does.

    If I had spare time I'd write an elixir/app and queuing chrome plugin.

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    @pesala Good plan. You would merely need to update them periodically.

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    @mfkyle Well, there's always XMarks...

  • @ayespy Thanks for the reply. I've worked for a global provider with hundreds of millions of users and appreciate the complexity and timeline constraints.

    Even without this feature I will continue to use the browser/site. You guys/gals have really done exceptional work in a short time.


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