no physical and on screen keyboard input

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    This is all I see when I reinstalled it. There is no keyboard input or on screen keyboard input. There was also no input before reinstall as well. I only noticed this after the Windows 10 update on 1/18/2018. Does anyone know how to fix this? right now all it can do is open to vivaldi homepage.

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    @davidchu Hard to say how to fix it, as I've never seen any such thing before.

    Reinstalling rarely has any effect at all.

    How did you achieve the extra window overlaid on top of the home page?

    Have you tried refreshing your profile?

  • @ayespy said in no physical and on screen keyboard input:

    How did you achieve the extra window overlaid on top of the home page?

    It's not an extra window, the screenshot moves depending on screen width.

    @davidchu As suggested, a clean profile would be the first check.

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    @tbgbe Oh, I see.

  • The screenshot was of the whole browser window using the default microsoft windows snipping tool with the option to capture the whole window instead of a freeform rectangular snippet. However I just deleted the shortcut to vivaldi and went to the programs folder and tried the application from there and there was no problem. I don't know why the old shortcuts were linking to that weird vivaldi window without accepting input but now it's not a problem after I made new shortcuts.

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    @davidchu Alrighty, then.

  • I can confirm that on Surface Pro, Windows 10 x64, Vivaldi snapshot 1.14.1077.3 the on screen keyboard does not open when focusing on a text input field on a page. Switching to tablet mode does not make a difference. It did work in an older version as I understood from old topics. Could this be a regression?
    Anyway, it would be great if the OSK can pop up automatically like in Chrome, Edge, Firefox on Surface Pro. Because of the awesome new Sync feature I would love to use Vivaldi on my tablet and desktops.

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