Import passwords Opera 50 to 1.13.1008.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • In Vivaldi:
    File>Import bookmarks and settings
    Then in the pop-up window I select:
    From Opera version 15+
    User profile Default
    Click Import
    This results in the the name of the website, user name being imported but not the associated password being imported to Vivaldi preferences.
    Grateful to receive help and guidance.

  • There is a Flag on Opera to export/import them, maybe it is on Vivaldi also - now I'm not on the computer to check it -.

  • Moderator

    @ulsinius If all else fails, export them to HTML from Opera, and then import the HTML file.

  • @ayespy

    Passwords as HTML?

    Didn't see that option.

  • Moderator

    @zalex108 Sorry. I was thinking bookmarks. Chromium has killed the option to export passwords temporarily. It's being worked on. If for some reason Vivaldi can't import them, I don't know what to suggest at the moment.

  • @Ulsinius

    Checking the V flags, it has the import/export option, but couldn't find it on the menus/settings once enabled, even downgrading V.

    Then I've tested Copy/Pasting Login Data from Opera to Vivaldi and it worked.

    You'll have to choose, in case you already have passwords on Vivaldi so it's a file replacement.

    Do a profile backup in case you test it.

  • Moderator

    @zalex108 Yes, The file replacement method will work so long as both Opera and Vivaldi are being opened by the same profile on the same machine. It will not work between profiles or between machines.

  • @ayespy

    Forgot to mention it.


  • @ayespy I think this is probably the reason as I remember reading somewhere that Vivaldi uses Chrome as the foundation for the browser. On hum! Have since re-entered my passwords for each site manually. Thanks for all the help from forum members.

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