Pop-up tab thumbnails blank

  • When I hover over any tab the pop-up thumbnail I get is just blank as seen on the screenshot below. I have pop-up thumbnails enabled in settings.
    Running vivaldi-snapshot 1.14.1072.3-1, but problem was present in earlier versions as well. OS: manjaro linux (Arch based), kernel 4.14.14.

    0_1516447684055_Screenshot from 2018-01-20 12-23-14.png

  • @natanvarga I sadly have no explanation for you. But I noticed you are inverting colors for Vivaldi. If you want a proper dark theme, or make your own custom theme use this: Vivaldi Forum mod

  • @natanvarga How weird! I'm using the same V-SS, Distro & Kernel as you [with KDE DE], & this does not occur for me [nor for previous versions]. Some dumb questions:

    1. Manually refreshing the page does not help?
    2. What is your GPU [i'm using only the plain old integrated Intel]?
    3. Does playing with Compositing settings make any difference?
    4. Does the same misbehaviour persist even with a clean Profile?

  • Same, here @natanvarga

    I noticed it depends on the incognito mode (private window): each and every blank tab is normally filled with its' correct thumbnail, once that same page is opened into a normal (not private) window.

    That is: if you normally use Vivaldi in incognito mode, all the TAB Thumbnails (and speed dial thumbnails, as well), will remain blank, but as soon as you open those pages into a new normal (not private) window, the thumbnails will appear into the private window, as well.

    It seems that private mode doesn't render the thumbnails


    I'm using Vivaldi 64, on W10.


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