Vivaldi Trojan - False Positive?

  • Vivaldi Trojan - False Positive?
    /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-bin: Unix.Trojan.Mirai-5932143-0 FOUND
    (NOTE: I did not see a option to delete it)

    Found w/ ClamAV from Fedora 27 GNOME Terminal using:
    sudo clamscan --max-filesize=3999M --max-scansize=3999M --exclude-dir=/sys/* -i -r /

    ClamTK did not find it even w/ "Scan for PUAs" which spots some of my plugins for that worked for Corel Photo-Paint, GIMP, Krita on Windows 7, but not Linux so far... Odd, ClamAV Terminal is ok w/ them.

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    @640k There are no trojans in Vivaldi, but that's not to say you couldn't have installed one while browsing.

    ClamAV is a bit notorious for false positives, but that doesn't mean there's nothing there.

    But whatever it is, it's not Vivaldi, or it's a false positive.

  • I could have came from Windows 7 to Fedora Linux in my Plug & Pray Settings attempt?

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    @640k Sorry. I did not understand that comment at all. Can you clarify somewhat?

  • I copied Vivaldi Setting from W7 to Fedora Linux and it worked for me. I was thinking it might be a W7 file?

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    @640k I could not rule that out. You might want to refresh your profile.

  • Vivaldi is working fine for me 8)

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