1.14.1072.3 crash

  • Hi, I updated to 1.14.1072.3 on my workstation today and got a lot of crashes.
    Update speed dial with F5 leads to crash reproducible.
    It crash with a clean profile also.
    I work with 1.14.1072.3 on my laptop flawlessly since yesterday, no idea what happen on my workstation. :/

    Opensuse Leap 42.2 x86_64
    Intel i5 3570K 16 GB RAM
    GTX 760 4 GB /Display card
    GTX 670 2 GB
    Driver 384.111
    Vivaldi 1.14.1072.3 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit)

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Try to debug with GDB but then it does not crash. :)
    I think I start vivaldi-bin and not the start script, may it is something with the script.

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    May be you had some SpeedDials which contain inline video? I remember for me Arte.
    I had this some internal 1.14 versions ago.

  • I have two animated .gif but remove them does not change anything.
    I hope for the next update, was absolute stable on all systems I use.

    Cheers, mib

  • @steffie
    Hah cool, if you can reproduce it is easier to catch bug for the developer.

    Summary: Crash with F5
    Key: VB-36600

    I reported it a few minutes ago.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin I still cannot update speed dial thumbnails in 1.14.1077.3, without crashing V-SS. I'd hoped that the chromium change to 64.0.3282.97 in the new SS might have fixed it, but no. Hence, i do hope the V Devs can resolve this bug fast pls.

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    @steffie I guess I'll have to reorganize my office a bit and plug in my Mint box and see if I can reproduce it - see if it's Linux-wide, or something particular to your system.

  • @ayespy We already know this bug is not unique to me... https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/186584 [ie, 3 posts up, above this one].

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    @steffie To be fair, I did not say "unique," but rather "particular." In other words, how generic to Linux is it, and how dependent on environment. You have a fair number of special circumstances at your end, none of which I share, so an experiment might be instructive.

  • @ayespy Was only trying to stop you having to rearrange your furniture ;-)

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    @steffie Hmm. Well, it works on my Mint18 with no extensions, no VPN, no blockers or security apps. Sorry I couldn't make it easier to diagnose.

    Disclosure: I don't have the 1.14 Snapshot on that box. I was only able to test the Stable and the internal tester version.

  • @ayespy said in 1.14.1072.3 crash:

    I don't have the 1.14 Snapshot on that box

    Ah -- sorry, but that largely invalidates your test. This bug ONLY arose with the last 2 Snapshots. I had no trace of it before those.

    In fact, after i post this, i'm going to close SS, copy its bookmarks file to my Stable, & try the TN refreshes there. If it crashes, then it's my problem. If it does not crash, then it's Vivaldi Snapshot 1.14.x's problem.

    UPDATE: With my SS's bookmarks file copied to Stable, i was able to update dozens of SD TNs, both in bulk [F5] & individually via TN icon. ZERO crashes of Stable.

    Conclusion: The SS 1.14x series has a bug, presumably caused by the big changes of chromium 64.

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    @steffie Well, the internal test version is only 1.4.1078.1, so I'm one minor version increment ahead of you. Either it was fixed in the last day, or I was unaffected by it. I can't put the snapshot on my Linux box, because it thinks internal test version and Snapshot are the same thing. I agree my test is open to question - but perhaps not entirely invalid.

  • @ayespy MODIFIED Conclusion: The SS 1.14x series has a bug, presumably caused by the big changes of chromium 64... OR... my profile [not refreshed for a very long time coz all has been good] is now corrupt.

    I've just done a different test, & it [natch, sigh] has severely muddied the waters. I copied that same BM file into the Default folder of my Manjaro VM's 1.14.1077.3, which has NO extension installed [all my previous posts were for my real OS, in which as usual i have lots of extensions]. In the VM's SS, with that same BM file, i CAN update the SD TNs with NO crashes.

    Now i shall begin incrementally installing my extensions one by one in the VM, to see if i can pin down a specific extension as implicated.

    EDIT: Another UPDATE: I do so wish that Real Life would make up its mind. In the time it took to post my previous update, V-SS in the VM CRASHED during SD TN F5 [still no extensions therein]. I've now repeated that same test, using different SDs, & also using the individual TN update icons not F5. Each of these tests also crashed.

    This appears to re-validate the original reports by @mib2berlin & me that it's these 2 1.14 SS's at fault, not our/my profiles.

    EDIT: Final UPDATE: Back in the VM's SS, i removed my real V's BM file, & restored the V default BM file, then initiated SD TN updates... & once again V crashed [with virginal profile]. It's over to the Devs now.

  • @steffie Well, I do not get a crash on Linux Mint 18.3.

    My speeddial is a mix of generated thumbnails and icons from @D0J0P 's thread.
    Also a mix of thumbnails and folders.

    Not sure it matters, but one thing you haven't mentioned in your tests is whether or not you activated sync? In my case I have sync between Mint and Win 10 Pro - but on a dual boot pc, so only one is active at any time.

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    @mib2berlin said in 1.14.1072.3 crash:


    Internal tester could not reproduce it on Ubuntu 16.

    And i can not confirm on Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME.

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    @steffie One of our internal testers, after several attempts on different machines and under different conditions, has managed to reproduce this on Mint18 by syncing with a dirty Win7 profile. (no one could reproduce it clean). At first, he got no logs or traces, but he finally did manage to produce some traces from Linux terminal & GDB, and has attached them to your (now reopened) bug. It looks like this may be reproducible and debuggable.

  • @tbgbe No sync [don't believe in it].

  • @ayespy Well thank goodness for that. I was feeling forlorn that, other than @mib2berlin, nobody else could get this, yet i get it [as documented above] in current & previous SS of my Tower's real Manjaro KDE, VM Manjaro KDE, & [just tested now] Lappy's real Manjaro KDE. Yesterday i was fully ready to accept that my profile was finally corrupt [after >year of great behaviour], until i did that extra test in VM Manjaro KDE with default installation & it also crashed.

    I've just done another new test, & this time the V-SS default installation did NOT crash when updating SD TNs. It was in another Manjaro VM, but this one is Xfce not KDE. So, i wonder... all the crashes occurred in KDE, the only OK was non-Xfce.

    As time permits today i shall test this in some of my other VMs... non-Manjaro KDE & non-KDE, & will report back later.

  • @steffie Incremental Update: Still in Tower's Manjaro Xfce VM [tested previously with virgin profile which did not crash], i have now copied my real Bookmarks file into its Default folder & retested. After dozens of SD TN updates, F5 & icon, it has still not crashed.

    This, together with yesterday's test of the same real BM file copied into Tower's Stable V-SS, imho proves that my real BM file is innocent.

    Hence now, the emerging [but still not sufficiently proven] indicative commonality seems to be use of the KDE desktop environment. My next tests in my other VMs will be interesting to perform, to provide more data points.

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