How do I save favourite pages?

  • I am using version and cannot find an option to save pages to my Favourites bar. Any help appreciated.

  • Suggest to update to the latest snapshot (snapshot

    1. Click Add bookmark icon
    2. Pick folder
    3. Save


  • Thanks for the response, yes I can see that now though it was not that obvious or clear for me to see. Thank you for that.

    However, I cannot seem to create a favourite to show on the bookmarks tab just below the main address bar. The only two immediate options are the 'Speed Dial' and the hidden 'Bookmars'.

  • 1. Open Bookmarks
    2. Add the folders you want
    3. Pick the folder you want to use as Bookmark bar folder (any folder can be used, and you can switch any time !)
    (and of course, you need to put your bookmarks into the selected bookmark folder to see them …)


  • I think that is a pretty awesome feature being able to pick a specific folder to use as speed dial/bookmark bar… I really like it.

  • Thanks again. However, I still cannot simply add a page as a favourite bookmark to show on the visible bookmarks tab, where Vivaldi, Vivaldi Community, Facebook, do, Dohop,Ted and News are clearly shown as it came with the browser by default.

    Moreover, the way you described it is long winded and unintuitive. Yes it is a new way to do things but the speed and simplicity of workflow is gone. Any other browser I've used gives simple and clear options to add a page you want as a favourite icon to either the visible bookmarks tab (just under the address bar), the hidden bookmarks folder or whatever other options exist and all that is done quickly and painlessly. It's about speed of work flow.

    Sorry but that is my personal opinion and as it stands I cannot continue using Vivaldi. I hope in the near future an option can be included to add bookmark favourites on the visible tab without fuss.

  • I don't understand your problem. To add a page to the bookmark bar, you just have to add a bookmark to the folder you're using as bookmark bar. And it's the same for every folder or whatever is in the bookmarks.

    But i agree that something like "add to bookmar bar" would be a good idea.

  • @xectis:

    I hope in the near future an option can be included to add bookmark favourites on the visible tab without fuss.

    You can drag&drop - but that function is a still a little buggy and does not work properly - yet. This is a preview, you know …

  • Moderator

    First, of course, one must go into Settings and turn on the Bookmarks Bar by clicking one of the radio buttons to select its position (top or bottom, but not "off"). At the same time, one has the option to select a different folder of bookmarks to be shown on the bar, other than the default speed dial.


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