Vertical Reader Mode – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1072.3

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    @Takaaki said:

    Our second snapshot of 2018 introduces a new feature – Vertical Reader Mode.

    Known issues

    • [Regression] Right-click context menu position is off VB-36297


    • [New Feature] Vertical Reader Mode VB-31914
    • [Linux] Create a new Vivaldi Package Composer KEY04 and add it to packaging VB-36114
    • [Linux] Warn users if they do not have a suitable ffmpeg lib for proprietary media VB-36111
    • [Address field] Permission icons in address field have no tooltip VB-27655
    • [Bookmarks] Bookmark description editing VB-36146
    • [Panels] Flicker when reordering panel buttons VB-36202
    • [Search Engines] Reordering search engines fails sometimes VB-36271
    • [Search Engines] Reused string in delete search engine confirmation popup VB-36145
    • [Settings] Settings window lacks minimum size VB-36259
    • [Themes]Prevent Theme Scheduler from stealing focus VB-21252
    • Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.86

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    O Snapshot atualizou para Chromium to 64.0.3282.86, com essa alteração pacote chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra deixou de funcionar. Nada de HTML5 Audio e Video no Linux.
    Eis a solução, que é simples, fácil de instalar e funciona,

  • Testado e aprovado, funcionando perfeitamente como antes depois de fazer o processo que o @lamarca sugeriu.


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