Anyway to disable Vivaldi's splash screen?

  • Hi all,

    The newest Vivaldi version came up with a somewhat new "splash screen" that shows the browser logo in gray for a few seconds before starting up.

    It makes my slow PC freeze for a moment. That was not happening before the implementation of this new start up screen.

    Anyway to disable it? Thank you!

  • Moderator

    @9-vollt It's not a startup screen. It's a placeholder/background that is doing nothing, consuming no resources, while the page is loading. If you "disabled" it then, instead of seeing it, you would be staring at a blank white background while the page loaded.

  • @9-vollt It's just an svg. You can go into the application and delete it, or replace it with the logo of your favourite band. It's linked from browser.html. But this won't make anything faster ( I tried ^^ ).


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