Accidentally opening Bookmarks view loses open page on popup window

  • Had a new window open with a retailer's chat support. This is a window with no toolbars or tab controls displayed. Accidentally hit CTRL+B instead of CTRL+V. Now the window is just the bookmarks view (vivaldi://bookmarks) with nothing else. Can't CTRL+TAB to get back to my page, can't hit the Back button on the mouse, can't hit CTRL+B again. I didn't try CTRL+W, but figured that would just close the window.

    Sure, one could probably blame the web designer for this, but it seemed to be how the shortcut key was handled that caused my issue.

    For now, I'm simply removing the Bookmarks shortcut under Settings > Keyboard, to avoid this in the future.

  • @wraithtek I advise disabling Ctrl B in Settings, Keyboard. Use Ctrl Shift B for the Bookmarks Tab (if you need it).

    Ctrl+Tab would open the next tab. GestureLeft (Back) will go back to the previous page in the current tab.

  • @pesala I did try CTRL+Tab, and the mouse Back button, but it didn't do anything in that window. It just stayed on the Bookmarks view.

    I did remove the Bookmarks shortcut for now, as that should stop this from happening again.


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