Unable to run full Vivaldi

  • I am not able to run usable browser

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. go to http://ikatastr.cz (Another application for Czech cadaster maps)
    2. zoom in to zoom 17+
    3. click anywhere for informations, (enable pop-ups)
    • new window with information about allotment appears
    1. close main window with other tabs

    2. close pop-uped window

    3. run Vivaldi again

    • only last window (pop-up) opens, without menu and without possibility to type another url

  • Moderator

    @jand That's the expected behaviour. You need to close the popup window first before closing the main Vivaldi window, or use File Exit.

    Popup windows are still buggy. This one is a bit naughty.

    To recover from it:

    • Press Alt P to open Settings
    • Set start with home page (or anything other than last session)
    • Set a shortcut in Settings, Keyboard to show the Address Bar (I use Shift+F8)
    • Close and restart
    • Show the address bar with your shortcut


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