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    Okay. I cleaned out my old profile completely. Did a clean install of latest snapshot (1064) of V. Logged out of sync. Cleaned out any and all extensions. Reinstalled my extensions one by one. I can now access wunderground.com I have no idea what caused the problem. Any ideas?

  • Perhaps a corrupted cookie or something else uniquely associated with the site? In any case, I use a number of wunderground's pages, and I've found that starting around 6-8 weeks ago, website/page stability is now... uhmm... "inconsistent". At one point in time, a specific wunderground local radar site page won't update at all (giving a red "This radar site is down"), a half-hour later it will work just fine (including looping successfully during the time period it was supposedly 'down'); yet going directly to the same radar site's own Weather Bureau page, the site will be up and running just fine the whole time wunderground reports it down, plus the radar site's own public "site maintenance" log shows nothing down. Other times, when visiting a wunderground site, all my site-settings for the page will have disappeared and have to be redone... yet days may go by without that issue repeating. Other times, the site simply won't fully populate the page display for hours on end. It seems as if they're continually fiddling with the wunderground site code, or else something is erratic with their servers lately.


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