An apology to readers

  • Some readers may be wondering why I have not yet created a blog containing my ideas on custom labels for Vivaldi. I have come down with what feels like the mother and father of all bouts of 'flu and my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool. I am improving so I hope to have a functioning brain within the next few days.
    My apologies to all --- Best regards -

  • Hope you're at least starting to feel better, @hatrack

    Your apology is sweet but also the paragon of unnecessity. While it's important to be accountable to one another for everyone to keep and deepen investment in a project, in the end it's just a web browser (okay, a kick-ass web browser). Your health comes first, and anticipation will only serve to sweeten the reveal when you do post your thoughts.

    Be of good cheer, and if that can't be managed, be full of antihistamines and warm brandy. 💊 🥃



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