Fingers crossed for Vivaldi. My feature list.

  • I'm really hoping that Vivaldi will evolve into what Opera should have been when it switched renderer. Here are my suggestions for future features, based on the features I miss from Opera and others I use from other browsers: From [i]Opera 12[/i]: [ul] [li][b]Select link text[/b]. Only Opera12 will allow you click-drag over the text of a link and let you highlight that text without opening the link or creating an annoying draggable link object. I despise every other browser because of this.[/li] [li][b]RSS Feeds[/b].[/li] [li][b]Cloud-synced Notes and settings across platforms[/b].[/li] [li][b]Site preferences[/b] (although the implementation could be vastly improved).[/li] [li][b]Quick Preferences[/b].[/li] [li][b]Edit page source and reload from cache[/b].[/li] [li][b]Private tabs[/b]. So much nicer than the separate incognito window of other browsers.[/li] [li][b]Customisable UI[/b].[/li] [li][b]Right-click in search box and add to Browser[/b]. Chrome does this now as well.[/li] [li][b]Follower Tabs[/b]. By far the best way to browse reddit.[/li] [li][b]Temporary downloads[/b]. The ability to open a download directly without it being saved to the Downloads folder. The lack of this in Chrome and Firefox really does my head in, but thankfully Maxthon has it.[/li] [li][b]Clone tab[/b]. Copy a tab, keeping its browsing history.[/li] [li][b]Custom proxy settings[/b]. Don't just use the platform network proxy options.[/li] [/ul] From [i]Maxthon[/i]: [ul] [li][b]Tabs at maximum height[/b]. Make the tabs extend to the very top pixel of the window. Don't stop them short, which makes it more difficult to select a tab with the mouse.[/li] [li][b]Popout Flash[/b]. A brilliant feature that allows you to extract flash instances into a separate top-level, borderless, resizable window. This would be much improved if it could do the same for HTML5 video.[/li] [li][b]Snap Whole Page[/b]. Export a png of the entire webpage (including the bits outside of the current view of the browser window).[/li] [li][b]Reader Mode[/b]. Show the current page as nicely laid out text and images with all menus, adverts etc. removed.[/li] [li][b]Night mode[/b]. Make bright pages dark.[/li] [li][b]Resource sniffer[/b] (similar to Opera12 Links view, but much better).[/li] [/ul] Extra ideas not found in other browsers as far as I know: [ul] [li][b]Editable form passwords[/b]. I would like a master password that when entered, allows manual editing (not just deletion) of all passwords that have been saved from websites. It would be even better if it used KeePass.[/li] [li][b]Disable memory caching[/b]. To reduce memory usage, stop caching everything in RAM. As soon as a page is closed, either bin the contents or put them straight to the disk cache.[/li] [li][b]Vi mode[/b]. Vi-like editing in forms and to navigate websites[/li] [li][b]Safe forms mode[/b]. When the user is typing into a form, copy the entire text to the clipboard on each change.[/li] [li][b]Tor mode[/b]. Just an idea as Tor is often in the news now.[/li] [/ul] I think that's about it.

  • You forgot Multi-line tabs from Opera 12 😛

  • Right-click in search box and add to Browser. Chrome does this now as well.

    This is already implemented. Right click and "Add as Search Engine…"
    But I would like to have is, right click and "Search with…" function. This is huge help, simply select text and right click to search with whatever search engine you want.

  • The menu item is there and it works if I do it on, but it doesn't do anything for me on any other web page I've tried.


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