Empty Vivaldi window

  • There's a problem on some websites. I. e. please try the link (see screenshot) on website: www.print24.de0_1515857962347_print24.png

    • Could you perhaps elaborate a bit more on the problem? (expected vs actual behaviour)
    • Have you tried to see if the problem occurs in any other browsers?

  • @fd2003 Interesting, using Vivaldi Snapshot 1.14.1064.3 :

    Tools/Settings/Appearance - Open popups in tabs (OFF) - Empty window
    Tools/Settings/Appearance - Open popups in tabs (ON) - Correct display in a tab

    Must be "something" in the site Javascript - but I don't understand that stuff :laughing:

  • Moderator

    Reported by me as bug VB-36360 "Empty JS popup at print24.com"

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