• I am absolutely amazed by the doucheness of some of the Forum members. Try to keep things in perspective. 1. This is a Tech Preview that has been running since the end of January. 2. Your way isn't the only way. What you don't like, many others probably enjoy. 3. Use a little respect when starting a Topic or replying to someone. Doesn't anyone know what respect is anymore? 4. Give the Vivaldi Team a chance to implement. They already put out a reasonably stable snapshot ever week. Do they have some problems, sure, but this browser is already doing things better than several that have been on the market for years. 5. Have trust in the Vivaldi Team, the team leader is the one that brought you the Opera you all love, trust that things will be addressed as time and resources warrant. 6. Be thankful that someone has picked up the torch for a browser, it seems, many have been waiting to be produced. It isn't easy nor is it probably highly profitable at this time. With that said, I use the browser as my main browser at home and work. It does have some glitches, but none that are absolutely insurmountable. I look forward to the weekly builds, to see what advances have been made and where the project is going. I want to THANK the Vivaldi Team for their efforts and look forward to an already awesome browser maturing into a mainstay on many desktops across the world. To the many people on the forums with a great attitude and patience I thank you as well. The input the team needs is being furnished by you as testers. Those of you with no respect, acting like adolescent children, grow up and show a little respect to the Vivaldi Team and the other users of the forums that all want this browser to succeed. Regards

  • I agree.
    I think that, like vivaldi is working over Crhomiun and old opera does not, so it is different to implement things over chromiun for Dev's king.
    For All, Write in Plain Basic Englsh in this multilingual forum

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    @Grumbleskin Dear troll, you should invest more time in bughunting, reporting and feature suggestions than argueing and wasting time with scolar advices for members you indentiofy as adolecents childs or something else.
    Where is your effort bringing up a better Vivaldi browser? I dont see any postings regarding that.
    Stop acting a as pedagogue telleing what member should be or do! :evil:

  • I have put in some bug reports. Typical keyboard jockey.

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    Which VB-*?

  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    Which VB-*?

    a bit off topic… but... how one can know the VB number? I'm might be blind or I might rush but... I filled plenty of bug reports and it always ended with "thank you etc..." with Vivaldi mascot and no bug number. (and the bug number is not even sent to you by email). Am I missing the VB number or even better: where the VB number can be spotted when reporting? (I can't test it now with another bug report since I do not have anything else to report ATM)

  • Thank you, OP. This has been bothering me lately too.

    I know it's hard to have a little faith these days - especially coming from Opera, which used and abused that faith so thoroughly in Opera 15 and onwards - but going from what I've seen from interviews with Jon, and his posts, I trust him and the team he has put together.

    Lack of patience, however, I am more hard-pressed to understand, and attribute to simple lack of character.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. They have something good going here. Patience and Respect.

    I might not be the best at bug reporting, but I do read the forums and see what is coming up on the radar.
    So many of the bug reports others make, I have symptoms of too, I don't figure we need 30 bug reports of the same issue, so I don't report.

  • Agree 100%.
    This is NOT trolling. It's merely pointing out that there are some members here who:

    1. expect way, way too much from a "Tech Preview"
    2. are rude, impatient and over-demanding
    3. serve no useful purpose on this forum whatsoever

    For one, I am amazed at how solid this software is for a Tech Preview. From that perspective, Vivaldi is ridiculously good! I love the simplicity of the interface, and it's obvious nod to old Opera. Sure, it doesn't have every feature that long loyal Opera users like myself might wish for - yet. It's not supposed to. It's a Tech Preview. Lets be patient.

    After trying out several versions of the "new" Opera, I had long given up believing that it would ever be what what Opera fans hoped for. To this day, I still cling to Opera Presto very dearly. Then along comes Vivaldi, seemingly out of nowhere. I can't really express just how exciting this is! Finally, there is real hope again for a browser that could be a real contender, and sate many loyal Opera users who were left behind, when Opera became a shadow of it's former self.

    We should be very appreciative of the efforts of the Vivaldi team, do everything we can to support this awesome project, and above all, show the respect it deserves.

  • I agree with Grumbleskin, Mr. Pants and terzaerian. Coming from Opera 12.xx as my primary browser, over the last several years I have had to use IE, Firefox or Chrome to accomplish some work on the web.

    Even though Vivaldi is in early development, I have not had any problems logging into the work related sites, use of passwords, etc. I have always used the Bookmarks panel in Opera, so I have had to learn to put the sites that are most important to me on Speed Dial. Eventually I hope that Vivaldi will have a Bookmarks panel that is sortable, but at this point, it is definitely not a deal breaker.

    Patience is not one of my virtues, but I am enjoying waiting and watching what the Development Team releases each week. Those folks are working super hard and I thank them for all of their efforts.


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