Guild Wars 2.. any good?

  • Hi. Kinda tired of WoW after almost 10 years in the game 😛 Trying to find some other MMO games that might be nice. So.. Guild Wars 2 any good? Or should i wait for Elder Scrolls Online? Tyr

  • Never tried GW2, but I wouldn't set my hopes up for ESO. Entering my 2nd beta this weekend, and so far I haven't seen anything interesting.

  • Got GW 2 the other day, really like the game so far 🙂

  • Guild Wars 2 is really good, it's so far the only game that can stand together with WoW on the same ground.
    I've also been on the Elder Scrolls Online BETA, so far it's becoming a very static game, but it has very high quality of polish and small details, you can't compare it with Skyrim, but if you compare with other MMOs it's next gen.

  • I too got tired of WoW years ago and switched over to GW when the first game came out, it was cool at the time because I thought the graphics were better then WoW, the story line seems a little better and also the subscription model of buying the game and then playing online for free was worth it too. I played it for about two months straight and loved it. I have never played GW2 as I do not play a lot of PC games anymore however my friend played it a lot when it first came out and loved it. Said the added features and such make it worth playing, fun and engaging. There are a lot of good online FTP games out there now.

  • So much that is wrong in other games/MMOs is right in Guild Wars 2. From the pay-once-play-forever model (instead of forking out a ridiculous amount per month even when you're not playing) to the artsy graphics, to the way players help each other out rather than stealing each other's kills (anyone who contributes gets credit and loot), to event scaling and player scaling, to PvE, PvP and WvWvW (large-scale PvP with three servers pitted against each other), to dynamic events rather than grindy compulsory "kill ten rats" quests, the game tries (mostly) to let everyone play the way they want to. Oh, and it has a nice learning curve, too, with new features gradually unlocking as you level up rather than overwhelming you from the start. Plus the "Living Story" continually delivers new content so the game isn't anywhere near over after you've completed your personal story. Wow, I sound like an advertisement… they should pay me for this 😛

    Granted, some things could be better (the way "dailies" work changed recently, and not for the better in my opinion), but overall, it's a great game, and at that ridiculously low price, you can't really go wrong (40 USD at the moment, sometimes half that).


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