Vivaldi doesn't see internet sometimes coming out of sleep

  • Hey guys -
    Just got a new Windows 10 system, Vivaldi's working great and is my default browser. I've noticed that occasionally (maybe 10% of the time), coming out of sleep, the browser opens but can't load any pages. If the browser was already open I'll get an error page saying there's no connection. If I open Vivaldi, it just shows blank screens, though my template is fine. If I open Edge, everything works fine on that browser. If, in Vivaldi, I go to settings-network-proxy settings-internet connections, and I try to Setup an internet connection, it says I'm already connected to the internet.

    A reboot generally fixes this. Though twice on start-up I also had this issue. Can you think of anything I can check to prevent this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • At least to check it,
    next time try with Troubleshoot network.

    And, when you put your computer to sleep, is Vivaldi started, semi - closed, fully - closed, even not started on some sessions?

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  • Usually I close Vivaldi before sleep and it happens when I reopen. But once I left it open and it also happened. Twice on bootup it's also happened and I had to reboot. I think I once used troubleshoot network and it said everything was fine, that I was connected. But I'll try that again next time it happens and let you know.

    It hasn't happened since I posted this, but, like I said, it's about 10% of the time. This is a brand new computer, a week old. Edge always works fine in these instances.


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    Any virtual network/NIC used?
    I knew some users having special software for Security/VPN/VM etc. which may cause this.

  • No virtual network or NIC that I'm aware of. McAfee and Malwarebytes for security.

  • It just happened now. Vivaldi was closed and I woke my computer from sleep. I went to troubleshoot network and it said the network connection was fine. Everything looked normal in Vivaldi, just no pages or links would come up. The screen where a page would be was blank. Edge worked fine. On reboot all was fine again. Any ideas?


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    @kalimba1234 Have you tried restarting Vivaldi rather than the computer? Something similar (but not the same) happens on one of my older laptops if I wake it and then try to go somewhere in Vivaldi (which is/was open upon sleep). The browser can't connect to the internet. I look, and the WiFi isn't connected yet. After it is connected, Vivaldi sometimes still won't use it. Restart Vivaldi, and all is fine.

    I don't know the reason, but it occurs to me that if Vivaldi wakes up before WiFi does, and it tries to connect but can't, it might "get it in its head" that there is no internet connection, and stop trying to resolve DNS or whatever without a restart.

  • I think that's exactly what's happening - Vivaldi wakes up before the internet connects. But when I restart Vivaldi it still doesn't work. I hope I can figure this out. Everything else about this computer, and Vivaldi, works great. I'm trying to see if how fast I click on the screens to get out of sleep effect anything, but it just doesn't happen often enough to do reliable tests.


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