Open new tab question

  • Might be a dumb question, but I just can't find the setting for it.
    Is there any way to stay on the current tab when opening a new tab? Basically, I right-click + open new tab a lot, and it always focuses on the new tab, instead of opening it in the background and staying where I am.

    Thanks! And sorry if the setting that I can't find is obvious. 🙂

  • @cristane The most obvious is right under your nose when you right-click: Open Link in background tab.

    The easier methods are: Ctrl+Click, Middle-click, or a mouse gestures (Settings, Mouse, Open Link in background tab over a link)

  • @pesala
    Yep, I feel dumb. 🙂 So used to Chrome that I didn't notice the "background tab" option. Thanks!


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