[Request] Ban certain cookie domains.

  • While wandering through the settings window, In the cookies list I noticed a lot of domains I did not navigate to with at least 1000 cookies. Aside from deleting the cookies from a certain domain, I think it would be awesome if it was possible to click ban next to the number of cookies for that domain.

  • That would be nice.

  • I like this idea!

  • I haven't tried it before … it seems silly to be deleting one cookie at a time from a domain when you can't even see individual cookies to choose which to delete. They either need to allow you to actually see the cookies you are going to delete and let you choose (which would make sense for advanced users but not most people) or just delete all of them at once (as the OP requested) - or maybe both. But one at a time when you can't choose which one is completely senseless.

  • @sgunhouse You can delete all cookies from a certain domain at once, I am asking to have an option next to delete to ban a domain from setting cookies.


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