Background HTML5 Videos - Disable

  • Increasingly, websites want to have a video as their background. I simply cannot concentrate on anything else with a video playing! Vivaldi should have a simple, obvious way to disable this behaviour, but I cannot find it.

    In the meantime, for those who share my opinion, this should do the trick:
    Disable HTML5 Autoplay

    (Note, after installation you have to enable it using the grey "play" icon (in the top right on my browser).)

  • That extension is now unsupported and doesn't work on many sites. One that does work for a lot more sites and is currently supported is AutoplayStopper.

    BTW, the developer, yochaim, is fairly reputable, responds to posts on Mozillazine's user forum and has a few extensions on Mozilla's addons page, one of which is FlashStopper, which does similar to AutoplayStopper.


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