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  • hi,

    I'm coming from firefox + vimperator as my standard browser. It is not that I liked firefox but it was the only browser that allows me to navigate without using the mouse at all. Until the new update.
    That's the point when I came up with vivald (I gave it a try a long time ago but it was at the very early days of vivaldi and I didn't follwed up).

    I know there are extensions for vivaldi/Chrome like cvim or vimium but the extension api has some drawbacks that it is not possible to fully integrate the extensions in the UI. Vivaldi already comes with some powerful and nice features (like the quick command menu or the configurable key shortcuts at all) but there are still some features missing.

    Now I'm wondering if it is possible to integrate the missing features as mods to vivaldi. As my java script skills are very limited I can not answer this questions myself and before I speed a lot of time on this topic I would like to hear your opinion.

    The most important thinks to do, I'm thinking of right now, are the implementation of a shortcut to follow the links on a page, a shortcut to open the quick command window for "open in new tab" and another one for "open in this tab" and a shortcut to leave the focus of an input field (it is possible with tab but not directly).

    Do you think this is possible by some js scripts or does someone of you already has something like this?

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    Just out of curiosity, if you go into vivaldi settings and do:

    • Search for "spatial navigation", make note of the shortcuts
    • Search for "focus all controls", and turn the two options with this name on
    • Search for "cycle all", and turn that option on

    does that get you some way to your desired outcome?


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