Advertisement window

  • When some normal window opens ad window and I close the main window first and notice that the ad window is opened and then I close it as the last browser window, I am not able to open the main window, just the ad window that has no possibility to input URL, no chance to go to Preferences simply nothing can be done in ad window. I uninstall vivaldi, erase all the files with the name vivaldi, nothing helps. What am I supposed to do now?
    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

  • Sounds like you start up with last session.
    With the ad window open, you should be able to open a new vivaldi window from your launcher then close the ad window.
    When you close the new vivaldi window that will become your last session instead of the ad window.

    Failing that, close vivaldi and delete your session file @ ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/Current Session

    P.S. Uninstalling vivaldi does not remove the $USER config directory referenced above.

  • Or, try Alt P to print up the settings dialogue, change the Startup to Home page, then close and restart Vivaldi.


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