cannot create a blog

  • Hello everybody,
    I'm new in this community, I just created an account and an email. I'd like to create a blog too, but It seems impossible.
    When I read the help page, I see :
    Once logged in, click on your user picture in the top right corner of the website and select My Blog from the dropdown menu.
    But in my dropdown menu, I only see 4 items : Email, Profile, Forum settings, Log out.
    So, is there anyone who can tell me how tio create this blog, please ?
    Thank you very much.
    I'm on Mac 10.9.5, and Vivaldi 1.13.1008.40

  • You have to be logged in on
    The first link in the profile picture is "My Blog". If this is really not the case, you should try to get support.
    Oh, and make sure you have a first and a last name input in your profile. I know blogs can make problems, if you don't provide that info. It doesn't have to be your real name.

  • Thank you. Without me doing anything, the item My Blog suddenly appeared. Probably my account was created too recently to display it...

  • @luetage i have the same issue but under the picture at my profile there isn't any link,i contact already support but wondering if im looking in the wrong place.

    you have a screenshot of my blog link to know where is it?


  • Go to and (if it is there) click on the Log in button (you can be logged in to the forums and not logged in on the Community page). After you are logged in, the top-right of should list your username and avatar - click on that avatar to display the menu luetage referred to.

  • @sgunhouse hmmm i thought being on forums was same as being community, now all is wirking for me, tanx

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