Garry Bartsch “g_bartsch” modifies and 3D prints things he needs

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    We continue with our stories presenting some of the most engaged members of Vivaldi’s community. Wanna find out who’s behind the “g_bartsch” avatar?

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  • Brilliant work Garry -- onya!

  • Keep up Garry!
    Opera <12/Vivaldi and TheBat! is my combo too, for more than a decade.

    p.s. May we see the photo of the mouse?

  • @solidsnake: I second this - you can't just tease us inventor-y types by mentioning a bunch of modified stuff and then not showing any of it! :D

  • @steffie: Thanks! I just saw this. Have a super day.

  • @solidsnake: Cool! TheBat is great isn't it? The mouse is well used and worn so ugly and dirty as hell but I'll get a pic and post a link soon.

  • @mossman: Pic coming soon. Be warned, it ain't pretty anymore.

  • @g_bartsch said in Garry Bartsch “g_bartsch” modifies and 3D prints things he needs:

    it ain't pretty anymore

    Well, here's an opportunity. Imagine how pretty it would become if you were to paint it, oh, i dunno, say just off the top of my head... Lavender, or Mauve, or Lilac, if not outright Purple. See, spoiled for choice!!

    Disclaimer: I might have some teensy vested interest in those colour recommendations... ;-)

  • @steffie You know Steffie, I have some filament in the colors you describe so there is a chance - admittedly slim - that some day you might see a purple mouse. Hang tight ... non-pink version soon to be uploaded.

  • 0_1516069146257_mouse.jpg

    OK, first FrankenMouse. It began life as an innocent Lenovo laser mouse. I rest my palm on the mouse to push it around, and since I am not actually grasping the mouse, but relying on friction between my hand and the mouse to move it around, the mouse must slide very easily. Most mice and sliding surfaces don't move easily enough. I've tried. A lot.

    So, after some failed attempts this was born. Glued to the mouse body are four outriggers which contain a nut and screw which extend or retract a tiny steel bearing on the end of a shaft. Basically they are tiny jacks. The steel bearings slide very easily on a 1.5mm Teflon sheet. The point is to turn the balls out just far enough that the mouse slides on the four balls and doesn't have it's body drag on the sheet while at the same time not being raised to high or else the laser won't read the sheet surface. The top on the mouse was coated with Plastidip which has mostly worn off. The wedge on top of the left mouse button is to move it into a better more convenient place for clicking.

    I have ideas how to improve this but it works and I haven't gotten to that.

    This isn’t pink. Sorry about that.

  • @g_bartsch It's alive! Allliiivvee!!

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