ArchMerge installs Vivaldi-Stable from ISO.

  • Hello. Am mucking about with ArchMerge in a VM today, just for giggles & learning. Right out of the box it includes V-Stable.

    Yay... our inexorable expansion to Total World Domination continues nicely.

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    @steffie Too kewl.

  • Hello MissSteffie
    That is different, a non-KDE for you ? ! !
    machine here once used openbox to invoke some xfce4 apps and goodies without using xfwm4; it was a slick set-up. , so I would recommend just the opposite of archmerge by not beginning with xfce4. A personal thought that, a start with fluxbox and then go to xfce4 is nice progression (if one can leave fluxbox.)

    Good catch, newsworthy.
    hope Your news causes Jon's face to be smiling.

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    @i_ri I've an idea that Jon is aware of the penetration into the Linuxverse. He has mentioned it. And, since Vivaldi is not technically FOSS, I'm pretty sure that every Linux distro that wants to package Vivaldi has asked permission (more than one have done so) and I'm pretty sure they were given it in every case.

  • @i_ri Teehee, yes indeed, it's not a Plasma5 DE. But fear not, i am not turning my back on P5, i still love that DE heaps.

    My rationale for having a stickybeak [= look] at this distro is coz i decided a few weeks ago, now that my real OS on my PCs is Manjaro [KDE], which i am simply loving, & which is my first-ever Arch-based distro, this year i'm going to attempt something really completely mad [for me] - i am going to try to install Arch from scratch. No doubt i will end up in the rubber-room from this, but i like the idea in as much as it should be a nice way for me to improve my Linux skills.

    In the spirit of crawling before walking, i recently discovered ArchMerge [full desktop experience preconfigured] & ArchMergeD [bare shell]. So i wanted to first see what ArchMerge does look like, preparatory to later attempting to build it myself via ArchMergeD... & IF i survive that challenge, then the next logical challenge would be... Arch itself [tremble, shudder, faint].

    In parallel with this, i thought it would be interesting to learn about other [ie, non-Plasma] DEs, like Budgie, openbox, i3, Enlightenment, & now that you reminded me thanks, fluxbox... or maybe not [i just read, which terrified me!!].

  • hello miss Steffie
    playground antix, void, Miyo-EXTRA 2018, linux bbq, alpine net install, ... be simply mad; enjoy taking vivaldi with or finding it in place as in archmerge. Who will be first to use vivaldi on Everest? linux or windows or apple? will You be first to use vivaldi on Mount Kosciuszko or Hvannadalshnjúkur?

  • @i_ri Haha, very witty! 🙂


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