How well does Vivaldi behave on El Capitan?

  • I would REALLY love to get back to the Opera vibe. A community, features and all, but , I need battery life A LOT. I work remote, I'm not always at home so battery is a must. So far, only Safari works well on my 2016 macbook 12". KEeping battery life at its maximum.

    Does anyone know about Vivaldi's performance on macOS? Does it use a lot of cpu, etc? Should I stick to Safari for longer battery life?

    Thanks in advance!

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    @marianodaniel I run Vivaldi on El Capitan on a MacBook Pro (that's a few years old) and I do virtually all of my web browsing with it.

    Safari is optimized for macOS so switching to Vivaldi most likely will not extend your battery life but then again, Vivaldi's goal is to provide a better, richer browsing experience. Vivaldi's resource consumption will also vary depending on the web content that you view and how you use the browser.

    The good news is that Safari and Vivaldi co-exist just fine on the same system; you can use both at the same time. If Vivaldi works well for you, great; you can make it your default browser. If there are aspects of Vivaldi that are not working for you, please submit bug reports and provide your feedback to help improve the product.

    Welcome to the Vivaldi community and I hope that you enjoy using the Vivaldi web browser!

  • @xyzzy thank you! I will give it a try.


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