What we expect from Vivaldi

  • We expect O12 + javascript and HTML5 improving...nothing else. For all other things we have O15+, FF, Chrome, etc. So dear developers, just do it. Tnx

  • What's the purpose of this thread? You stated pretty much the same thing Vivaldi has on it's main website only in a less appealing way.

    As for "for all other things we have X, Y, Z, etc" - I, for one, pretty much hate using different browsers for different things. I want to have one product installed that will fit my needs. It's really better and more polite to speak for yourself.

  • What we have now: bookmarks like O15+, poor password manager, multicpu (slow and lazy browser), ugly UI and many other thing like other Chromenoids, FF…

    Is it O12 directions? No.

    Please just copy O12 core and you become my primary browser.

  • "Please just copy O12 core"?

    You realise that's illegal, right? Opera Software ASA still holds the rights to old Opera's Presto engine, so no copying will ever be possible.

    Bookmarks are 100 times better than those in O15, but that's personal preference. Same with "ugly UI" - I like the UI a lot.

    Also, you seem to be forgetting that this is not the final product, it's a technical preview - there's still a long way before it can become anyone's reliable primary browser.

    Constructive criticism is good. Feature requests I understand. But think for a moment, what are trying to accomplish via "give me what I want, just do it" and how it sounds.

    It would also be nice if you dropped the plural from your posts (unless there's a couple of people behind the "paor" nick), as there's a lot of people who like Vivaldi even as it is right now.

  • "Presto is dead and it's not coming back" just needs to be posted as a topic, locked, and stickied. 😠

  • I am liking what I am seeing right now. I too enjoy the UI.

  • I think the main problem we are seeing now with people just starting to try Vivaldi is that they have not read Vivaldi's Mission Statement. Jon spelled out his disappointment with where Opera had headed and his decision to do something about it. He has put together a terrific team and they are constantly rolling out improvements.

    As has been repeated over and over – Opera ASA owns Presto; Vivaldi is in pre-release; this is just alpha or beta ware, to be tried, used and searched for bugs; suggestions are welcome; etc., etc.

    terzaerian hits it on the head -- put the information out as a sticky at the top of the forum along with links to the Vivaldi history and mission statement.

  • All we can do is wait, really. I believe that everyone here wants basically an updated opera 12, which is what was promised to us by opera oh so long ago. The devs know this but it cannot happen overnight. It can and will happen, just not immediately. I do like what I see so far and I anticipate more good things to come. 🙂


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