(Solved) Too many Vivaldis

  • I have noticed that the page loading has gotten slower. I have ignored it thinking it was probably increased network traffic. I opened task manager today for unrelated issue, and found eight Vivaldis running, using 1,477,000 K of memory. Any idea why this is happening? Could this be why the pages are opening slower?

  • Hi, every tab and every extension open a instance of Vivaldi.
    Check Shift+Esc wich process need so much memory, I guess it is an extension.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Btw. Nice Title 🙂

  • @mib2berlin Yes, you are right. One is the browser, another is GPU process. Two are extensions, one is the open tab. The background page, and Vivaldi app are together under one instance. I'm not sure about the others because they start and stop on their own. Right now only five of the eight are open. At least now I know this is normal behavior. Some of them I can close without them restarting on their own. When I do, the pages load faster. Thanks for straightening me out, all those Vivaldis had me worried. I guess we can mark this post as solved.


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