Suddenly lost bookmark aliases

  • Without any change here, Vivaldi has lost track of all my bookmark aliases.

  • since youre in the linux channel, do you mean symbolic links or hard links? are you talking about the ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks file? how were you using the link, when did you notice it didn't work, and is there anything at all you did between when it worked and when it didn't work?

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    He might be talking about the Boomarks' nicknames.

  • Yes, I'm referring the bookmarks's "nicknames".

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    It happened to me once. I solved by using the Bookmarks.bak.

  • I tried that, and using my own backed up bookmarks file, to no avail. I didn't even see the place in the file for the aliases.

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    Just checked my Bookmaks, The string is called "Nickname":

    grep -w "Nickname" yourfile

  • Thanks for checking that out. I did find it in an older bookmarks.bak file, but not in later versions, except for the aliases I've been adding back. Not sure how this happened.

    Hmm, I think I know. At one point I had been having problems with V, and exported and later re-imported the bookmarks. My guess is that the .html file did not preserve the aliases.

    Indeed, I don't see the aliases in the file. It seems they are lost in the backup process. Can that be corrected?

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    @paul1149 said in Suddenly lost bookmark aliases:

    Can that be corrected?

    I am afraid not.

  • Thanks again. I remember now, I did the export/import because of the problem I had with speed dial snapshots not working. Didn't help though.

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