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  • Hi all

    I wonder if I should be able to increase width of bookmark's info bar (right column in bookmarks) by dragging line between this info bar and bookmarks list.
    I couldn't do this, so I'm not sure if this is the correct behavior or not.

    Yours faithfully

  • @afshin-pir There's probably a way to do it with CSS.

    See the Modding Forum

  • Moderator

    You can't do it normally, but I would suggest:

    1. make a feature request
    2. See if someone in the modding forum can help

    A note to potential modders of this:

    • You would need to listen for mouse drags on the border of #webpage-stack > > div > div > div.internal-page > div > div.startpage-content > div > div > div.manager-content > div.manager-editor
    • within the vivaldi://bookmarks/ page
    • change the value of the flex: 0 0 270px; property from 270 to whatever you need.


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