Close other Tabs shortcut

  • I've been looking quite a bit but couldn't find an answer. I don't like the shortcut for "close other tabs" which is "alt" + close tab. I can not find that feature in the setting at all and therefore can not change or remove the shortcut, (or gesture, I'm not sure what I should call that behavior). All other posts on these forums that refer to that behavior at all concern the right click menu button, but no one seems to even know about the shortcut. Can anybody help?

  • @lopoleo You can assign whatever shortcut you wish in Settings, Keyboard (or Mouse Gestures).

    I use Ctrl+W to close tabs, and Ctrl+Shift+W for close other tabs (except pinned tabs).

    0_1515664706086_Close Other Tabs.png

  • @pesala my Close Other Tabs keyboard shortcut is empty and doesn't have a mouse gesture assigned to it, but ALT + Clicking the x-icon to close a tab still functions as Close Other Tabs and I can not figure out where that gesture might be in the settings (if it is there at all).

  • @lopoleo said in Close other Tabs shortcut:

    no one seems to even know about the shortcut

    That's probably why no one ever uses it. Why do you do it by accident when clicking on the x ?

    I am sure that it hard-wired into Vivaldi, and cannot be removed.

  • @pesala I use alt alot.


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