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  • Hello,

    I am a EX VIVALDI user. I was really liking Viv. until one day the browser decided to dump my cookies with no rhyme or reason, without warming, and without me saying its okay and without me initializing the dumping of the cookies.

    Basically what I am saying is.... Viv took it apon itself to dump my cookies without me doing anything.

    The last time I used viv. I was on facebook and I saw that I had 2,000 cookies because I rarely dump my browser, because there may of been something I was looking at and forgot to bookmark it, so thus not deleting my history I can go back and find the long lost website.

    I got down browsing FB... closed viv..... came back a little bit later openedVivaldi and went back to FB and I had to sign in again? I thought this was weird, I didn't sign out or anything? Turns out when I went back to the settings menu I believe it was... Thats when I noticed the cookie list was trimmed back to like 1,000. Very annoying and frustrating.. As soon as I saw what had happened I uninstalled viv and haven't been back 😞

    I am hoping this will be fixed.


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    Not sure why Vivaldi did this for you. It is not written into the program, and is not a trait of Vivaldi. Have not been able to reproduce the symptom, so for now it can't be addressed.

    Please, by the way, do not publish email addresses in a forum, even your own.

    Thanks. I hope you will check out Vivaldi again at some point.

  • See: vivaldi://settings/privacy/ 'Save Browing History'

    And check to see how long Vivaldi is holding on to history (cookies, cache, etc.)

    If nothing there accounts for the short lifespan of your cookies, then you might want to investigate whether you're using any extensions that might automatically delete cookies and, beyond that, whether any antivirus/anti-malware/privacy programs you have on your system might be doing the same.

  • @purgatori In your list are clean up utilities like cc-cleaner missing - those also have a nice record of screwing with various stuff you intended to keep.

  • @purgatori Thats the thing... I wasn't using any extensions at all... I was using viv straight out of the box. No settings changed or anything.

    I will have to reinstall and try what you said with the vivaldi://settings/privacy/


  • @purgatori said in One thing that needs to be fixed!:


    I just went to vivaldi://settings/privacy/

    and changed save history forever

    but at the bottom where it says:

    Vivaldi currently stores 0 cookie entries from domains

    And I want to say I had it on save history forever before and as soon as viv hit 2,000 cookies it dumped all my cookies but not my history and I had to sign back in to everything.

  • @zaibon Okay I will uninstall Crap Cleaner and see what happens when I get to 2,000 cookies if it just randomly dumps itself again.


  • @cwm030
    Keeping my fingers crossed that this'll do the trick.

    Another question just came to my mind while re-reading this thread: Did you update vivaldi before the cookies vanished? I think I vaguely remember reading about such an issue about a year back or so.

  • @zaibon

    Me too.. I am keeping my fingers crossed too.

    And to answer your question, I don't remember.... But I will go in and shut the auto updating of the browser off...

    And another weird thing, Last Pass didn't ask me to save my password for this forum. Interesting....


  • @zaibon I unchecked the box that said NOTIFY ME ABOUT UPDATES

    I hope that turns off the updates, so the browser doesn't automatically update.


  • @cwm030 No worries, the browser never autoupdates, only pops up that a update is available. Close it and forget it if it does. Disabling the notification won't even warn you about it.

  • @ian-coog OH good deal then! Thanks!

    --- Chris

  • I just thought that I would stop in and update you...

    I turned off auto update ... I am still using 1.13..... And uninstalled CCleaner and so far the auto dumping of the cache has stopped as seen below:

    I am a happy camper now 🙂



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