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  • Late to the game here. I was just “browsing” around when I found a link to Vivaldi. So, curious sort that I am, I checked it out and quickly found that for Vivaldi “across all platforms” does NOT include iOS. I’m wondering why not? I read through most of this thread until it started getting redundant, so please forgive me if I missed the “real” answer. One thing that came to my mind is that Vivaldi supposedly was built on an engine based on or similar to Opera. Opera has iOS. Anyway, I cannot use any desktop browser that does not sync to iOS. For me, that still remains Safari that fits all of my needs.

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    @NCSilverBear Opera is 20 years older than Vivaldi, and has ten times the development staff. It, too, struggled to get an iOS version in the early days. Vivaldi team are still considering the best approach to the problem - whether to build from the ground up in WebKit (the long way, but the best calculated to arrive at a real "Vivaldi" product) or to, perhaps, merely re-brand/re-skin what would essentially still be Safari or Chrome, and lose the flexibility/essence of Vivaldi. Either way, it requires time and development staff. Brave did it, but essentially all they did was re-brand Chrome for iOS.

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